huddling around the campfire

Once upon a time we gathered around the campfire and shared information on where the best hunting grounds could be found.

It would seem that our need to consult the Wisdom of Crowds is not only part of our ancestral makeup, but also an effective way of finding out what we need to know to make good decisions.

However, just as Alvin Toffler predicted nearly half a century ago, we have entered a time when we often have more in common with like-minded people on the other side of the world than we do with our next door neighbors - those people our forebears huddled with.

Sure we do encounter other happy campers on the trail from time to time, whose advice we may find invaluable, but those rendezvous are often too infrequent for our present-day immediate needs.

Perhaps we need a new campfire

And that's where Polyphonical comes in, taking a new approach to providing outdoor lifestyle advice by harnessing the Wisdom of The Crowds. Here's a glimpse at the technological underpinnings Polyphonical is working on to light a new flame, although it won't be particularly apparent at first how this tech informs the advice you see here, but it will in time.

In the meantime, we'll start with some basic outdoors lifestyle advice, and as time passes we'll get into more advanced topics: